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2. Effet du changement climatique sur le service hivernal

  • .pdf IP0159 - The potential impacts of climate change on snow avalanche hazards on the Trans-Canada Highway in Glacier National Park. (.pdf - 69Ko)
    Hendrikx Jordy

    The potential change in the future frequency of large magnitude avalanche events reaching the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) within Glacier National Park (GNP) was assessed, as a function of projected climate change for the 2090s (2080-2099), for a mid-range Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) emissions scenario (RCP4.5). Based on these average modelled changes to the frequency of large magnitude [...]

  • .pdf IP0096 - Fredericton-Moncton. Climate change in the Transcanada (.pdf - 1.9Mo)
    Martin de la Torre-Velver Luis Miguel

    The Fredericton-Moncton is New Brunswick’s first Public Private Partnership Highway Project (“P3”) and one of the firsts in Canada. This P3 project has a 30-year concession term for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of a 195 km four-lane divided highway. New Brunswick communities are already experiencing the effects of climate change and it is anticipated this will intensify in the [...]

  • .pdf IP0177 - Un portail de données en ligne pour les communautés et les décideurs du Nord : Les réseaux de routes et de pistes d'hiver dans le Nord territorial du Canada (.pdf - 91Ko)
    Hori Yukari

    Climate change is one of the major threats to transportation systems in the Canadian North. One area in which remote indigenous communities are particularly at risk to the impacts of climate change is with regards to their reliance on winter roads and trails. The winter road/trail networks in Canada’s Territorial North encompass seasonal roads and trails that are usable only during the winter. Winter [...]