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14. Résilience - mesures visant à maintenir un tunnel routier disponible pour la circulation en toute sécurité dans diverses circonstances

  • .pdf IP0086 - Measurement of Pressurization Effect by Environment Visualizing in Kanetsu-tunnel (.pdf - 2.1Mo)
    Mizushima Yuichi

    A ventilation system of Kanetsu-tunnel, which is one of the longest mountain tunnels in Japan, does not only work as circulation but also smoke control to evacuate people in fire accident. In the emergency, an evacuation tunnel is pressurized to prevent penetration of smoke. This structure has been realized by making pressure difference between road tunnel and the evacuation tunnel. Therefore, to [...]

  • IP0331 - Resilience measures applied in a highway tunnel with a high level of cargo transport - The case of the "La Línea" tunnel in Colombia.
    Sabogal Carlos

    Colombia's commercial dynamics depends in a large extent on road transport, and within this dynamic the Bogotá - Buenaventura corridor plays a key role, since it connects the country's capital with the main port on the Pacific Ocean, Bogotá is in the center of the country, for this reason to get to the port it is necessary to cross through the Andes Mountains. The crossing through the upper part [...]

    Bergerhausen Ulrich

    Aging infrastructure, increasing traffic, extreme events and climate change pose challenges to owners and operators of transport infrastructure. Due to their connecting and shortening function, tunnels play a central role in ensuring the efficiency of the road traffic network. The damage or even complete loss of critical tunnels due to disruptive events can result in high restoration costs with long [...]

  • .pdf IP0160 - Importance d'un système de contrôle de luminaire adapté pour les pare avalanches dans les zone de forte avalanches (.pdf - 663Ko)
    Longtin Pierre

    Le Rogers Pass est un col de haute montagne sur la route transcanadienne situé dans les montagnes Selkirk, en plein cœur du Parc National des Glaciers, en Colombie-Britannique. Malgré plus de 10 mètres de neige et environ 2 000 avalanches le long du corridor transcanadien chaque année, la route demeure ouverte en hiver. La route Transcanadienne est la seule route directe entre les villes de Golden [...]

  • .pdf IP0271 - Résilience des tunnels autoroutiers grâce à la surveillance automatisée de la déformation (.pdf - 753Ko)
    Loupos Konstantinos

    In years where most of the road infrastructures are severely ageing worldwide, but still enormously contributing to transportation smoothness (people, cargo, etc.), careful monitoring attention is needed in mind of climate/weather change (extreme events, natural/man-made disasters, material aging, etc.) and capacity needs increase (increased flows for users). These factors are contributing to the [...]